End of production of PARAFLAM

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paraflam002During the last quarter of 2016, HEINEN has discontinued the manufacture of its fire-resistant sealant product, Paraflam.

This product had been developed and tested in accordance with Belgian standard NBN713.020. Since 1 December 2016, this standard has  ceased to apply. From this date onwards, only fire-resistant sealant products compliant with the relevant European standard can be applied.


But it goes without saying that where Paraflam has been applied before this date, it will still be compliant with the relevant standards.

Heinen doors for the Belgian Embassy in Kinshasa, DRC

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Numerous embassies throughout the world have previously opted for Heinen doors to reinforce their security.

Heinen has been selected once again to supply doors offering resistance to fire and forced entry, aimed at reinforcing the security of the Belgian embassy in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).



Belgium is mourning

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After too many terrorist attacks around the world, today Brussels, capital of Europe, was brutally hit.

On this dark day in the history of Belgium, it is with a heavy heart that we wish to express our deep support to the victims of the attacks that took place this March 22, and their relatives and families.

We also wish to express our solidarity and our encouragement to the emergency services and police services for the tough work bravely executed.

For EuroDV group,
Dario Dalla Valle.


R&D : new security doors available ! Fire resistance 120 & 180 min / Anti-panic + burglar resistance CR3 / …

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This year again, Heinen’s R&D department has been keeping very busy. After expanding our product range last year, with the addition of the CR4 and CR5 (*) burglar-proof doors (EN1627-30), we are able to present again some outstanding additions to our range. In this case, we are still using our high-quality basic door Metal Plus as the foundation. This concept guarantees the quality of all Heinen doors. Therefore, first and foremost, we guarantee that your door works properly. Secondly, this Metal Plus door can also be a fire-resistant door or a burglar-proof (soundproof) fire-resistant door, with access control, glazing etc., as appropriate.

Fire resistance EN1634-1 combined with burglar resistance EN1627-30 CR2 CR3
EI1 120 min. doors, single and double. This single door with 2 hours’ fire resistance can also have CR3 burglar resistance.
EI2 EW 180 min. doors, single and double. This single with 3 hours’ fire resistance can also have CR3 burglar resistance.


Anti-panic EN1125 combined with burglar resistance EN1627-30 CR2 CR3
CR2 or CR3 emergency exits compliant with EN1125 single and double



EN1627-30 fixed burglar-proof frames WK4
EN1027 & EN12208 waterproof for external doors with hinges along the outside
EN12211 & EN12210 VC4 windproof and wind-resistant for external doors
EN1026 & 12207 airtight for external or internal doors



(*) can be produced with a 1-point lock up to a good 3 metres high.

Enhanced range of burglar resistant doors

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Heinen has enhanced the performance of its range of forced entry-resistant doors to level class 5 according to EN 1627. This applies to leaves of single doors up to 1300 mm wide and 3000 mm high. Our leaf’s exceptional robust design can withstand the heavy tests (see table) with a single-point closing mechanism. Not only are standard requirements met, but the durable, smooth operation of the door set is guaranteed, thereby providing proper security.


Options: automatic lock, access control, 3-point closing mechanism, peep-hole etc.


Optional additional performance features: EI1 30 or EI1 60 fire resistance, soundproofing, bullet-proof resistance, blast-proof resistance.

Annual Heinen Partners meeting : taking stock & prospects

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The annual HEINEN Partners meeting was held 6-7 February 2014 in Daverdisse (Belgium), with the main focus on the mission statement : "Let us create together sustainable added value, based on common values and expertise". In strategic terms, partnership is the cornerstone of Heinen's business and offers an additional guarantee toe the participant's respective customers. Thank to the happy medium achieved by alternating between work sessions and leisure time, everyone was able to gain maximum benefit from this meeting over the two days.






FR 60 doors in stainless steel

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In the kitchen of a bank, surface mounted frame, roud vision panel, fitter KBS SYSTEMS (Wilrijk)






Doors in a light wall

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FR 30' doors in light wall construction (Gyproc, inside constructin in wood)







Douwe Egbert Grimbergen

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Inside FR 60 doors, standard finish, hot galvanized & Metal + outside doors






Hall 12 Heyzel Brussel

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Heinen has provided 200 door leaves, exceptional equiped with surface mounted anti panic device to reach a good acoustic level. Those doors are also equipped with electro-holding magnets, which will permit the opening of the doors by fire or alarm..

Contractor : VERELST (Rumst) – Partner / Fitter : ICOMET (Deinze)  – Architect : Alliage Architecten