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Metal+ Inside


Metal+ Inside is the quality label from Heinen, based on more than 40 years’ experience. Heinen technology offers endurance, robustness, easy maintenance and proper safety, all combined into one unique concept.


It is too easy to underestimate having a purpose-made door solution. A thorough analysis of the customer’s needs where simple questions are asked can avoid many problems later on.


How and how frequently will the door be used?


This is an important question in order to define the right level of endurance and mechanical resistance required to have an effective door over time. If the door does not operate properly as a door, its safety performance features are pointless. The door’s protection is a permanent feature offered by Metal+ Inside.


Good safety performance features are obviously also important, but they are only of limited value at any particular time, whereas correct operation is a permanent benefit.



What safety performance features do we want for the door and what level must these be at?


You need to find the right safety level in the right place. Does the door need to be able to withstand one or more forms of aggression such as forced entry, noise, fire, explosion, bullets, gas, and up to what level of aggression?


Ultimately, the door can be fitted with various accessories enabling it to carry out its function fully in its environment. All of this can be achieved without any reduction in the performance level of the door or weakening of its safety features.  For instance, you can add access control, glazing, ventilation, an anti-panic feature, automated features, to name but a few.


One of the main challenges for a safety door is definitely how to guarantee the level of its “protection” performance for the lifetime of the door (and not just now and then in a laboratory)!