Air tightness

Description and standards



Tests were carried out on single and double doors at the CSTC (Technical and Scientific Construction Centre – an accredited laboratory), in accordance with current European standards:


EN 1026 : Windows and doors – Airtightness – Classification

EN 12207: Windows and doors – Airtightness – Test method


The standards provide for 4 classes (L1, L2, L3, L4) classified in ascending order of airtightness,
based on:


  • length of seals (m³/h.m)
  • total area (m³/h.m²)

Therefore, class L4 achieves the best airtightness (3 m³/h.m² at 100 Pa).







Airtightness Q (m³/h.m) by Δp = 100 Pa

≤ 12.5

≤ 6.75

≤ 2.25

≤ 0.75

Airtightness Q (m³/h.m²) by Δp = 100 Pa

≤ 50

≤ 27

≤ 9

≤ 3




Single doors: from class L1 to class L4


Double doors: from class L1 to class L4


Accessories used at the bottom of the door:


  • No low finish
  • Kältefeind sealing system
  • Schall-Ex sealing system
  • Ultra-thin doorsill
  • 4 sides of doorframe


Combination of performance features

Thanks to their modular structure based on Metal+, Heinen airtight products can also have other performance features combined and added to them, such as: