Bullet-proof protection

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Unfortunately, firearms are becoming more widely used as tools of aggression. Heinen’s customers asked it to develop bullet-proof doors and frames, both for strategic sectors such as banking, the armed forces and court-houses, as well as for high-tech sectors, such as airports.




While retaining the METAL+ Inside concept, Heinen has managed to attach an additional protection system and fittings to protect against the range of firearms, from 9 mm pistols to 7.62 mm military rifles, the Magnum 44 or the Kalashnikov.

Security principles 


The aim of the basic principle is essentially to provide a door which operates efficiently in allowing people and products to pass through, while offering effective, one-off protection in the event of an attack involving firearms.


The second factor is to choose the right level of protection, given the firearms available on the market. 









EN 1522 and EN 1523  :


  • Actual tests are carried out


  • Doors: EN 1522 defines 7 classes for revolvers and rifles and 1 class for hunting weapons, according to the type of weapon and/or bullet:

                    – FB1 to FB7 (with FB7 the highest: revolvers and rifles)

                    – FSG: Hunting weapon


  • Glazing: just like EN 1522, EN 1063 also defines 7 classes for revolvers and rifles and 1 for hunting weapons:

                    – BR1 to BR7 (with BR7 the highest: revolvers and rifles)

                    – SG2: Hunting weapon


This includes many handguns, the Magnum 44, Kalashnikovs, rifles and riot guns, as well as hunting weapons.




BS. 5051 :


  • Actual tests are carried out
  • Different classes: G0, G1, G2, G3

Harmonisation or equivalence between tests has not yet been established in the market.



Wide range of weapons 

While heeding the requirements of its customers, Heinen can offer you a wide range of doors (with and without glazing) providing protection against the following weapons:




Magnum 44


Riot gun






Weapons of war etc.




Combination of performance features

Thanks to their modular structure based on Metal+, Heinen bullet-proof products can also have other performance features combined and added to them, such as: