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Glazed unit



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window(s) + door(s) of all types

Metal+ Inside Technology


Frames for the doors and windows are made using the same type of profile, based on the Metal+ Inside concept. This makes them easy to assemble and they form a clear unit in terms of aesthetic appearance.


= Easy to assemble into large units
= Simple appearance
= Combination of protection features on request





Fixed frame solid-glazing

Fixed frame solid-glazing











Performance features


These fixed frames, which can be solid or glazed, already offer, based on good performance features, in particular:


  • mechanical resistance
  • endurance

Other performance features can also be easily combined by modifying the central panel or by the choice of glass:






All the fixed panels are purpose-made, which makes them easy to combine with each other and/or with Heinen doors.


Installation – Fitting


Purpose-made doors help you save money when it comes to the finish, as the doorframe is tailored to the opening. It is first attached mechanically using metal brackets (fitting clamps) before being completely filled with concrete, thereby providing maximum protection against heavy-duty use, vandalism, fire and noise.


This system enables several door and frame items to be assembled in a single unit.


Contact us for advice for any specific situation. We may have already tried out your solution.





Thanks to Metal + Inside technology, Heinen frames require minimal maintenance and can be easily repaired without having to go ahead and replace completely the whole frame, which is a time-consuming task.




In fact, as the glazing beads can be removed, the central part of the frame (solid or glazed) can easily be replaced.


It is not always necessary to paint the frame as the cover plates have an original galvanised finish and do not require any welding. This means that the internal frames cannot be painted, giving an attractive natural steel look.


>>> Exceptionally long service life <<<

>>> Recommendations for maintenance <<<



Specific applications for Heinen METAL+ frames and glazed units

Metal + Inside is the basic quality concept for all Heinen products which are always purpose-made. Depending on the specific applications you have in mind for the frames and glazed units, Heinen adapts them in terms of dimensions and finishes, as well as protection features to be added to those already integrated into Metal+ Inside.


Fire-resisting glazed unit for car park




Apartment door with glazed overpanel

Glazed unit, for entrance to retirement home, apartment, police station

Fixed stainless steel frame in food industry

Fixed frames for control rooms in prison, industry, car park

And plenty of other applications…