Hatches & Trapdoors

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Hatch = small Metal+ Inside hung door, fitted vertically and surrounded by a frame on 4 sides.


Trapdoor = small Metal+ Inside hung door, fitted horizontally and surrounded by a frame on 4 sides.



  • Wide range of ergonomic hatches and trapdoors
  • Purpose made doorframe adapted for every kind of wall
  • Trapdoors specially adapted for heavy-duty traffic
  • (Doorframe and leaf are flush with the ground and the fittings are integrated)
  • “Flush” model ensures that they are completely safe to walk over
  • High mechanical resistance to strain
  • Trapdoors easy to manoeuvre thanks to assistance from hydraulic screw-pumps:
  • Opening angle: 100°
  • Bespoke performance features: For one or more types of applications (see Options)
  • Easy installation, virtually maintenance-free
  • Heinen warranty


Design :



Flush trapdoor design

Flush trapdoor design








Areas of use:


  • Access to crawl spaces (sometimes vertical or horizontal)
  • Ground trapdoors subject to heavy-duty traffic involving goods or persons (pavements, manoeuvring areas, carriageways etc.)
  • Extensively glazed and/or burglary-resistant barriers (pharmacies, hospitals, post offices etc.)



  • A handle or pair of handles
  • Security lock with 3-key cylinder deadbolt
  • Manufactured in stainless steel 304
  • Bespoke performance features: hatches and trapdoors that are acoustic, fire-resisting, burglary-resistant, blast-proof and resistant to excess pressure
  • Design and implementation based on specific dimensions and loads



Please get in touch with us for fire-resisting hatches and trapdoors for external usage.




All Metal+ Inside hatches and trapdoors are purpose-made:


  • The smallest hatches possible are roughly 400×600 mm.


Specific applications for Heinen METAL+ hatches and trapdoors


Metal + Inside is the basic quality concept for all Heinen products which are always purpose-made. Depending on the specific applications you have in mind for hatches and trapdoors, Heinen adapts them in terms of dimensions and finishes, as well as protection features to be added to those already integrated into Metal+ Inside.


 Fire-resisting hatch for electrical cabinets

Fire-resisting trapdoor for technical premises


And plenty of other applications….