Sliding shutters

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A sliding shutter is comparable to a sliding door. However, the door leaf does not slide on the side, but opens upwards. This puts a much greater constraint on the dimensions of these systems. 


A counterweight and a magnet enable the door to remain suspended above the wall opening. If the magnet is released (activated manually or by a fire alarm), the leaf slides downwards. 


All the fittings are fully integrated into a stainless steel housing, secured in front of the wall opening. Surface-mounted fitting using screws. Sliding shutters are basically always fire-resisting with a stainless steel cover.




The dimensions of the wall openings tested are (LxH): 


  • 1250×660 mm
  • 460×1000 mm
  • 520×1000 mm
  • 2320×1090 mm
  • 220×460 mm
  • 220×750 mm


Specific applications for Heinen METAL+ sliding shutters


Metal + Inside is the basic quality concept for all Heinen products which are always purpose-made. Depending on the specific applications you have in mind for sliding shutters, Heinen adapts them in terms of dimensions and finishes, as well as protection features to be added to those already integrated into Metal+ Inside.


Fire-resisting service hatches in kitchens 

Fire-resisting compartmentalisation for conveyor belts

And plenty of other applications…