Swing doors

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Metal + Inside Technology


All swing doors from Heinen are constructed on the same basis and have the same type of profile.

This basic door is called the Metal+ door and already comes with certain performance features.


This is what we call Metal+ Inside technology.




Swing door solid-glazing

Swing door solid-glazing

Swing door very large glazing

Swing door very large glazing











Basic performance features




Frequency of use: f8 (1,000,000 cycles)


Mechanical resistance: M+7







Optional performance features


On top of the basic performance features offered by the Metal+ door, you can add several features which can all be combined!

This means that you can have, for instance, a swing door which provides fire resistance at the same time.







All Heinen Metal+ doors are purpose-made with the aim of reducing the total costs you pay for having a door fitted. Our product line manufactures items ranging from small trapdoors to large swing doors. A single door leaf for a swing door can be up to 2.4 m high and 1.2 m wide.


The fixed window frames (for glass walls) are also purpose-made. The maximum dimensions of a frame are also partly determined by the security performance required (fire, vandalism, noise etc.) Window frames and doors can be fitted next to each other without any problem.


Given that prices vary incrementally, customers are free to play around with the dimensions until they reach the optimum result in terms of cost and appearance.


For instance, non-glazed Heinen swing doors have a fixed price for openings in the wall up to 1150 mm wide and 2228 mm high, for a wall which can be up to 200 mm thick.




Specification clauses


We have developed specification clauses covering both the basic performance features of the Metal+ door and the additional performance features, depending on your application requirements. These specification clauses are based on the following three pillars:


  • Guaranteeing the door’s long-term use
  • Providing genuine, effective security over time
  • Guaranteeing a financial return and the lowest cost of usage over a minimum of 15 years


>>> Download specification clauses <<<



Basic fittings


1. Frame and door leaf finish

Hot-galvanised steel


2. Pivot hinges

2 pivots hinges in stainless steel (one hinge flush in the floor and one integrated into the doorframe). The pivot hinges act as door closers


3. Lock and cylinder

No lock


4. Double door

A swing double door has 2 operating door leaves with no priority leaf


5. Dimensions

Always purpose-made


Note: We recommend a small peep-hole (glazing) for security reasons.



Optional fittings


1. Door leaf finish

Stainless steel 304, 316, skinplate white or colour of choice (wood motif, different colours etc.), only possible if produced in large quantities


2. Frame finish

Stainless steel 304, 316, skinplate white or colour of choice (wood motif, different colours etc.), only possible if produced in large quantities


3. Handles

Pull handles, doorknobs etc. in aluminium or stainless steel


4. Impact plates

1 pair of impact plates in stainless steel


5. Glazing and ventilation

Bull’s eye windows (standard/purpose-made sizes), extensively glazed doors, numerous types of windows, ventilation grilles etc.


6. Locks and closing systems

No lock (closing possible only through pivot hinges), high and/or low locks (closing possible only using the deadbolt)


Other fittings: please contact us for more information

Examples of fittings/finishes



Installation – Fitting


Purpose-made doors help you save money when it comes to the finish, as the doorframe is tailored to the opening. It is first attached mechanically using metal brackets (fitting clamps) before being completely filled with concrete, thereby providing maximum protection against heavy-duty use, vandalism, fire and noise.


This system enables several door and frame items to be assembled in a single unit.


Contact us for advice for any specific situation. We may have already tried out your solution.


Important: you must remember with swing doors that the pivot hinges need to be integrated into the floor.


>>> Fitting instructions for swing doors <<<




Thanks to Metal + Inside technology, Heinen swing doors require minimal maintenance and can be easily repaired without having to go ahead and replace completely the whole door set, which is a time-consuming task.



In fact, the cover plates are not welded, but assembled by screwing them to the internal frame, enabling you to replace only the plate(s) that have been damaged. .


The cover plates have an original galvanised finish without any welding. This means that the internal doors cannot be painted, giving an attractive natural steel look.



In the case of fire-resisting doors, the intumescent product is incorporated invisibly into the door leaf. This ensures maximum protection for this fragile product against humidity and mechanical damage, and it is completely maintenance-free!


>>> Exceptionally long service life <<<


>>> Recommandations maintenance <<<




Specific applications for Heinen METAL+ swing doors

Metal + Inside is the basic quality concept for all Heinen products which are always purpose-made. Depending on the specific applications you have in mind for your doors, Heinen adapts them in terms of dimension, finishes and fittings, as well as protection features to be added to those already integrated into Metal+ Inside.


Food industry door – Kitchen door

Emergency exit in 2 directions (schools, hospitals, etc.)

And plenty of other applications…