Analysing your requirements

Helping customers define their needs so that they do not order too much or too little is part of Heinen’s Customer Charter. This assistance is provided both when looking for the right solution and defining the specification clauses which need to include not only the customer’s own requirements but also legal regulations which are currently in force and sometimes those which will be applied in the near future too.


  • Analysing requirements

Heinen is always listening to customers and their requirements so that it can offer them what they need to suit their security strategy. To help achieve this in a systematic way, Heinen has developed a: 


needs configurator in the form of the software package H-CONFIG !


This is used to convert customers’ needs to performance requirements and to ensure that the desired consistency in terms of security is achieved. 


This tool can be used by customers to express and visualise their own bespoke specification clauses, while looking for the most cost-effective solution to provide the desired level of protection.



  • Specification clauses :

To help provide a better comparison and analysis of quotations, Heinen provides the option of using “performance-based” specification clauses, which come in a modular form, highlighting every aspect of the security cover provided.


>>> Download the specification clauses <<<