Installation & Maintenance

Heinen’s philosophy is based on each to their own business, with the aim of producing the best at the lowest cost. 


This is why Heinen advises its customers to select expert fitters because fitting a door is a business in itself. But Heinen is always at hand to ensure the door’s quality and stand up for the customer’s interests.


1)      Fitting the door


At Heinen, the task of fitting doors is carried out by fitters selected for their professional attitude, their expertise in applications for the industrial sectors and the quality of the relationship with the customer. 


They undertake to abide by Heinen’s Customer Charter and to undergo regular training so that they are always in the forefront in terms of technical expertise and excellence. If customers wish to fit their doors themselves and to provide the maintenance for them, Heinen also offers an ad-hoc training service.


2)      Maintenance :


You can keep the Heinen service for your doors’ entire service life. Not only do the doors require almost no maintenance, but you can, in particular, sign up to fixed-price maintenance contracts, reflecting the fact that Heinen offers the lowest overall cost on the market;.