Project support

Supporting customers in meeting their requirements is part of the Heinen culture.


Heinen wants to project an image of transparency that also inspires confidence. This support is provided at 3 levels: 


  • providing a comprehensive quotation, offering alternative options, if appropriate
  • ensuring that the delivery deadline is kept, which is probably one of the shortest on the market
  • attending site meetings and providing support in dealings with the inspection authorities.


1)      A comprehensive, detailed QUOTATION


Heinen provides a comprehensive quotation which can be used to analyse the costs of every element, offering, if applicable, more cost-effective alternatives, while meeting the solution’s requirements in terms of performance. This may be supplemented with test reports, if required. 


Above all, there is a clear indication of the 15-year warranty. This transparency should make it possible to provide a better comparison between the various quotations received, in terms of price, performance or the items included in the quotation.


2)      Keeping to delivery deadlines


Heinen takes pride in the fact that it always wants to meet its delivery deadlines (and that they are almost always among the shortest in the market) and that it notifies customers of them as soon as the purchase order is returned. This observance of deadlines makes it possible to plan better and cut costs. 


3)      Support in dealing with the authorities


With Heinen on its side, a company can be reassured that it will be supported, if it so wishes, until the point where the doors are finally accepted by the official authorities. This commitment from the company is part of the corporate culture and guarantees protection over time.